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17 Feb 2014

Loveless Valentine

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So…, Did you have another one? A loveless Valentine’s?

Even if you did get the obligatory card and flowers, did you really FEEL IT?

Or did you give it away again this Valentine’s? And when you did, did you MEAN IT?

Love love love is in the air during the month of February, and that is why you will find my techniques for shiftinLet love ing the way you think about the L word in the February Chapter of my book, Build a Better Year.

Building a Better Year is the whole package, and starting out in the dull months of February with LOVE on the brain is actually really smart.

Because really, LOVE is all you need.

What I know for sure is that, if you want love you need to BE love and people just do NOT get that. And there are lots of good reasons for that. It is HARD to love for some people. And a lot of people just don’t know HOW. Or they feel stuck. Unlucky, cheated, and defeated.

Fear easily distorts the month of February. Fear creates great feelings of LACK and EXPECTATION when it comes to LOVE. February becomes another “happy holiday” that we must endure.

And, it will remain that way when we allow our focus to only be on external expressions of LOVE. Instead, Build a Better Year, by using February to focus on the inside. How much love do you have going on in there and can you count the ways that you express it?

This month focus on LOVE

1. How good of a job are you doing loving yourself as you begin your year? New Year’s is well past and we are into the grind part of winter. What do you need to do to take good care of yourself? How can you step up into this more? List three things you are committed doing. –Take Epsom Salt bath once a week. –Get up 15 minutes earlier to read. –Spend 10 minutes at night doing stretches.

2. How much energy do you put into being loving? Do you actively work on ways, deeds and words that are loving? To get love we have to give love. What are some ways you can be more loving? Take action on one of your ideas by the end of the day.

3. What is your belief level on how much love you get to have? If you know you have a hard time being loved without fears of rejection, disappointment, and failure clouding your ability to be present, let me assure you that you can shift that belief. Private Coaching Sessions with me are a super effective way to get clear on what your beliefs about love are.

I think getting our beliefs about LOVE clear is one of the keys to having that happy fulfilling life that we know is so close…. but just out of our grasp.

Get more of what you want. Get to the bottom of what keeps you stuck and unfulfilled. Put the work into LOVE and you will be on your way to having more of it.

Don’t forget, Coach Yourself Exercises are part of my tried and true methods and ideas that I use with my Private Coaching Clients.  Giving yourself the gift of time with me, you won’t be disappointed.

09 Jan 2014

This 2014, Coach Yourself

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Love YourselfCoach Yourself

Did you take a minute to get back on your feet after the New Year? What are you really proud of yourself for accomplishing in 2013? Did you make a list? Take the time to reflect on your past year to help yourself build a better year this year. Start with kindness and take your time.

Beth’s Coach Yourself Response

After doing my own exercises as outlined in, “Ease Your Way into the New Year,” in my new eBook, Build a Better Year, this is what I have come up with. Do the work, the work works.


Four things I am definitely going to do again in 2014:

Understand Patience. I am understanding more and more the necessity to sometimes have to wait. Life basically is being able to use the skill of patience to get you through. Just because I think I am ready doesn’t mean that I get what I want. I will be clear and willing to understand that my conviction will get me further than wallowing in impatience. In 2014, I will continue to practice patience.

Use the big picture to keep me solid. I say it all the time, LIFE HAPPENS. So, when confronted with a challenge of life, I am going to remember my big picture and how this incident weighs in. I am going to keep the thoughts that keep me connected to my big picture and I am going to confront and face the thoughts that keep me weighed down in worry.  I am going to vocalize my fears as a proactive way to get out of my head.

Say things out loud. I hold myself more accountable when I say things out loud.

I am going to keep getting coached! One of the best things I did last year was assemble my team of coaches. After all, “Nobody gets by on their own.” -Maya Angelou

Last year after going to Oprah in Vancouver, I committed to telling myself, “it’s okay, you got this.”  I am going to do that again.  

My New Year wish for you is that you get your “sign” to stay true to your course. Whether it is getting out of a relationship, getting into one, chasing your dream, or wishing that you had one, I hope that you get it.

In the mean time, here is to slogging through another year in the life of the one and only you.

19 Dec 2013

Birth of a New Book!

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“Build a Better Year: 12 Months of Coach Yourself Exercises to Build Your Bliss.”

This year give yourself the gift of building a better year. Life Coach Beth Veenkamp takes readers through 12 months of exercises designed to keep you focused on living a better, happier life. Used with her own clients, the exercises challenge the reader to live life on purpose and learn how to take steps to have a better year.

BUY “Build a Better Year” for only $6.99 and give yourself the best start to the new year!

Available for Purchase at:

Barnes and Noble


Birth of a New Book!

On November 19, I got the call and headed to the hospital to meet my friends. They had asked me to be there to support them when their bundle of joy arrived. I was right in it and saw that baby be born! It was awesome. I may have missed my calling as a Doula! Ha, ha, but, I think I will stick with Life Coaching.

As exhilarating as it was, it was also absolutely a full body work out, and I wasn’t even the one doing the hard work! When it was over, I was exhausted. It was INTENSE. Like, “Holy!” is this really happening intense.

As intense as it was, the experience was also filled with joy, love and honour. And boy, did I need a dose of that. Let me say that if your beliefs are ever tested and you need a little reminder about oh say, the miracle of our existence, then, support a pregnant friend and dive in. November 19, was a day of wonder. I feel so happy that forevermore, I will remember the day little Matteo arrived.

In keeping with the birth theme I am launching to the world my very first eBook publication, “Build a Better Year: 12 Months of Coach Yourself Exercises to Build Your Bliss.” I am sharing this first with my faithful readers and followers. Thank you for all of your support and great feedback. Here is your first look at what I have been up to!

New BabyThis is just one step of many that I will need to take into the world of do-it-yourself online publishing. I have discovered that there are many things I have to learn in order get the clients in the door. If I can do that, then, I get to do what I actually really want to do which is one on one Personal Coaching. It feels like a big risk to actually put my eBook out into the world, but I have been taught that no one can get by on their own. With the support of my awesome editor and fearless supporter Miranda, and my on-line business manager Dori, and my coaches Brad and Shelly, we are doing a soft launch of the eBook today!

I don’t know how your 2013 was, but I know it was a doozy of a year for this girl. However, I set my wheels in motion on this project last January, and an intention made is a goal realized. Getting to this first phase called launch and this new phase called promote has been like giving birth. It seemed like it was never going to end. The process caused great pain, anxiety and was a constant preoccupation. However, getting it out into the world is such a great feeling of being happy, satisfied, inspired, excited and….all the things that I call bliss! I know that finally getting whatever it is you have in you out into the world is how you build your bliss. Check out my book and “Build a Better Year”!

19 Dec 2013

Beth’s Best Holiday Blog Posts

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Christmas not likeIt is the most wonderful time of the year.  Right?

Probably not.

The holidays are actually the worst time of year for many people.  It is the time of year where Peace Love and Happiness gets shoved down your throat and if you are “doing it right” you are suppose to get a whole lot of fulfillment and joy out of it.  Problem is, so many of us are hung up on Christmas’s of the past that we choke on all the good-will. We can’t connect to whatever that magic is suppose to be. Fulfillment and joy? What is that?

Here are a collection of my favorite Christmas time blogs for you. Coach Yourself through another festive season of holiday madness and learn how find Christmas for your own self this year.

A Stressless Christmas, Yes You Can! 

 I Hate Christmas

A Christmas Journal: Your Key to Holiday Stress Management

Beating the Bah Humbug

01 Sep 2013

De-Stress this September!

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Check out this great Back to School resource, from OK4Kids, where you will find some great articles, including ways to de-stress during September – straight from my desk to yours! (read more)