04 Jul 2012

Be on Purpose this Summer – Tips to make summer last longer

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Ever notice that summer seems to fly by, and yet winter never seems to end? Are you one of the many who have the same old September lament “Where did summer go?” What if you could actually extend you summer vacation this year by deciding to Be on Purpose?

Be on Purpose Tips:

Do More
1) Make your summer master plan. Brainstorm a list of 25 things you can do this summer. This can include a blend of work goals, family fun, holiday ideas and personal to do’s like fitness and health. Next, choose your top 10 things you would like to do from the list of 25. Now pick your top 5. Make these your non-negotiable items. Make a plan today to do these five key things this summer. Do More on purpose to help make the summer last.

Relax More
2) The lazy days of summer have great appeal for a reason. Most of us are programmed to work for reward. Give yourself the gift of guilt free lazy days, by scheduling some planned time off. Next step, actually take the time as scheduled! Keeping up a frantic summer pace makes the summer seem to go by quicker. Schedule in your lazy days, and use your plan to set yourself up to Relax More and enjoy.

Take More In
3) Otherwise known as the present moment or being present. This summer, commit to taking in more moments. This means sitting back and literally taking it all in. Stop for a moment and notice what it feels like when the Okanagan Lake breeze gently blows on you. When sitting on favourite sun drenched deck, stop, take 10 deep breaths and really look at the view. Notice what it smells, feels, tastes like, and what other little things you notice as you breathe and Take It All In.

Commit More
4) No more wishy-washy days flying by. Summer sun turns many of us into procrastinators, and summer days can easily flow into the next. It’s important to enjoy that lazy summer feeling, but don’t let that taint all the good feelings because you seem to be getting a whole lot of nothing done. How can committing to relax more, (see tip 2), boost your active life activities? Committing to “getting down to it” whatever your business of living happens to be, gives you the actual ability to Do More. A great tool to help you do this is the power of focus. Ask, “What is my focus right now?” Commit to Finishing More. It will increase your ability to do the things in tips 2 & 3 with greater ease. It is all connected!

Be More
5) We get to Be More of ‘who we really want to be’ when we work on Being On Purpose. If we have a plan of action around what we want to do more of, we get to experience more feel good moments. This creates a feeling of satisfaction. Satisfaction is not something that just happens. It needs to be cultivated, noticed and served. By giving yourself the gift of guilt free lazy days and scheduling some planned time off, you can feel satisfied right now. Ask “What do I need right now to be satisfied?” When you are able to cultivate the skill of being satisfied, your summer will last a whole lot longer.

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