20 Jun 2010

How to become a powerful magnetic force

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Last week I gave you the assignment of Saying Yes More Often.  I am willing to bet that some of you didn’t find many things to say yes to.  You may have wanted to ask someone for a date or ask for that raise, but neither situation presented itself. You may be wondering how is it possible to get more opportunities to say yes.

How about starting with a Thank-you.

Anyone in sales knows that a sincere thank-you is one of the best ways to win a customer. A heart-felt thank-you has the ability to disarm and lighten many situations.  Thanking someone for the smallest act of kindness has tremendous power, and yet some of us are so stingy with this simple gesture.

Make a list.  Who have you thanked in the last week?  Does your spouse make the list?  What about your kids? Did you thank your assistant for more than coffee today?

Next, consider how easy it is to say Thank-You. Does thank-you flow freely from you or does a barely audible grunt constitute your usual gesture of gratitude?  Gratitude, or grace, is a powerful magnetic force that attracts positive things towards us.  What can you do to crank up the lever on what you are attracting?

Be willing to go first.  This week, work on being first to say thank-you.  Practice with the coffee barista, say thank-you to your kids, and surprise your spouse.  How many little things can you find to say thank-you?

Sometimes fear prevents us from saying Thank-You.  Is fear holding you back from acknowledging others? Are you afraid to speak up or fearful that someone will take advantage of you if you display an act of kindness? Instead of being stingy with your compliments and keeping close tabs in areas where you think others have wronged you, try being gracious.  Start by acknowledging others.

When you are communicating better with those in your life, you become unstoppable.   Saying thank-you opens the path.  It might seem too simple, but I encourage you to try it out.  Try it 5 or 6 times this week, or push yourself to get 10.  Then evaluate, did I end up having conversations or exchanges that I wouldn’t have otherwise had?  And because of that did I get an opportunity to say yes.

For the next week pay attention.  Who can you start giving some thanks to?

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