06 Mar 2010

Building your Confidence Muscle

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One of your assignments in this series has been to familiarize yourself with being uncomfortable.  I asked you to think about specific excuses you were using a little too often, and then not use those excuses for one week.  If you tackled that assignment, some of you may have felt a little overwhelmed at first but in retrospect would agree that you lived through it.  You may have even felt exhilarated by doing things a little differently.  Either way, by doing the assignment, you exercised confidence.

Like blonde hair or brown eyes, confidence often gets mistaken for a genetic trait; something you were born with. I believe that confidence is actually a muscle.  Like any muscle, confidence responds to stimulation.  Flexing helps to keep muscles working better by making them strong and resilient.  When you work a muscle, it responds by becoming stronger. When you take appropriate action, you build confidence. Likewise, lack of confidence is directly proportional to the lack of action that you are taking.

Action builds Confidence.  It does this simply by doing repetitive motions that people in the sports industry call practice.  Often times it is our fear of being seen as incompetent that prevents us from taking appropriate action. Embracing the concept of practice is a way to incorporate more opportunities to exercise your confidence muscle.

Think of the next big “task” you have looming on the horizon.  It could be giving a presentation to your coworkers, starting at the gym, or going on a date.  Instead of focusing on the negative feelings associated with it, try instead to think about the opportunities you have to practice.  So, instead of thinking, “I am going to bore everyone with my presentation” or “I am no good at doing PowerPoint” think “Here is my chance to practice speaking to a group”,  or “Here is my chance to practice putting together a formal presentation.” When you focus on opportunities you will begin to see where you are building confidence.

Confidence is guaranteed if you are willing to do the work and go after what it is you want out of life. If one of your excuses for not moving forward is because you don’t have the confidence, I encourage you to eliminate that negative thought and become aware of the opportunities that you do have to practice… and don’t forget to acknowledge yourself for stretching the muscle of confidence.

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