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06 Dec 2011

A Stressless Christmas – YES you can!

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Wow! What a fantastic response from my Stressless Christmas Teleclass! I heard from a lot of people who said…

“YES! I need ways to deal with my snobby sister-in law!”
I don’t know how we are going to do it financially???”
“On top of everything else, my mom is bringing her new boyfriend to dinner!”
“Why does he think I should be the one buying the gift for HIS parents???”

I also heard a lot of…

“I would love to join your teleclass Beth, but I’m just too busy!” 

Yep. Welcome to the 2011 Stressed out Christmas!

What if I told you that no matter what you do, Christmas is going to be STRESSFUL. No matter the level of participation in this wonderful event (that comes around EVERY SINGLE YEAR) the commotion of this “festive season” impacts you in some way. Whether its traffic, grocery store chaos, line ups all around, or the hundreds of items, chores, obligations and invitations on your list. Unless you are a complete recluse with no friends or family, (in which case watch for my next blog!) Christmas makes an impact – that usually has a hand in stressing you out!

What would you do differently if you just accepted the fact that Christmas is going to be stressful no matter what? What could you do to feel less stressed, amongst all the holiday cheer?

Here are my top 3 tips for managing Christmas stress:

I know, I know you’re already thinking you don’t have time for this. Think long term. Start a Christmas journal this year, to help manage stress for years to come. Find a book that you can write in every year and store away with Christmas Decorations. Use the book to record some key things:

The 3 things that I honestly could have skipped getting stressed out about.
The 3 things that worked the best and that I enjoyed the most.
The 3 moments in which I felt the greatest gratitude.
Feel free to add things like:
My favourite recipe
The toy my kids actually played with and enjoyed for more than an hour
We missed out on…

Creating a journal like this is a long term stress busting solution. Let’s go back to the truth – Christmas comes every year! There is no better time to start making a long term commitment to being less stressed. Over the years this journal will serve as a powerful reminder (and memento) of your commitment to being free and happy.

Decide and commit to doing a little less. Make yourself a “brain dump” list. Sit with a blank page and start writing down every little thing floating around in your mind on your mental to do list. Push yourself for five minutes and get as many of those things down as possible. Make a big list, 20 things or more. Items can be totally random and unrelated. The point is to get all of those secret, niggly things down on paper.

When you have done that, dare yourself to scratch 5 -10 things off of your list. Doing this helps you have a moment of clarity on how you are going to tackle this stressful time of year. Look for things on the list that relate to some of your main areas of concern – family, finances, over-committing.  How many of those items require special care and how many can you just cross off and decide not to do?

#3) ASK YOURSELF…“Am I stressed or am I excited?”
These two emotions have a similar physiological impact on our body – heightened sensitivity to everything around us. Sometimes we get so used to being stressed out, that we miss out on the excitement. We run around like maniacs at Christmas because we get some kind of payoff from it – whether it is saving face by showing up with gifts, perfect Christmas mornings, or the bliss of having it all over with. So why not decide that when the stressed out feeling shows up you are going to embrace the excitement of it all. Enjoy. Be present.

The amount of stress that you allow into your life this holiday season is ultimately up to you. Know that it is what it is and choose to do or see it a little bit differently this year.