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19 Dec 2013

Birth of a New Book!

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“Build a Better Year: 12 Months of Coach Yourself Exercises to Build Your Bliss.”

This year give yourself the gift of building a better year. Life Coach Beth Veenkamp takes readers through 12 months of exercises designed to keep you focused on living a better, happier life. Used with her own clients, the exercises challenge the reader to live life on purpose and learn how to take steps to have a better year.

BUY “Build a Better Year” for only $6.99 and give yourself the best start to the new year!

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Birth of a New Book!

On November 19, I got the call and headed to the hospital to meet my friends. They had asked me to be there to support them when their bundle of joy arrived. I was right in it and saw that baby be born! It was awesome. I may have missed my calling as a Doula! Ha, ha, but, I think I will stick with Life Coaching.

As exhilarating as it was, it was also absolutely a full body work out, and I wasn’t even the one doing the hard work! When it was over, I was exhausted. It was INTENSE. Like, “Holy!” is this really happening intense.

As intense as it was, the experience was also filled with joy, love and honour. And boy, did I need a dose of that. Let me say that if your beliefs are ever tested and you need a little reminder about oh say, the miracle of our existence, then, support a pregnant friend and dive in. November 19, was a day of wonder. I feel so happy that forevermore, I will remember the day little Matteo arrived.

In keeping with the birth theme I am launching to the world my very first eBook publication, “Build a Better Year: 12 Months of Coach Yourself Exercises to Build Your Bliss.” I am sharing this first with my faithful readers and followers. Thank you for all of your support and great feedback. Here is your first look at what I have been up to!

New BabyThis is just one step of many that I will need to take into the world of do-it-yourself online publishing. I have discovered that there are many things I have to learn in order get the clients in the door. If I can do that, then, I get to do what I actually really want to do which is one on one Personal Coaching. It feels like a big risk to actually put my eBook out into the world, but I have been taught that no one can get by on their own. With the support of my awesome editor and fearless supporter Miranda, and my on-line business manager Dori, and my coaches Brad and Shelly, we are doing a soft launch of the eBook today!

I don’t know how your 2013 was, but I know it was a doozy of a year for this girl. However, I set my wheels in motion on this project last January, and an intention made is a goal realized. Getting to this first phase called launch and this new phase called promote has been like giving birth. It seemed like it was never going to end. The process caused great pain, anxiety and was a constant preoccupation. However, getting it out into the world is such a great feeling of being happy, satisfied, inspired, excited and….all the things that I call bliss! I know that finally getting whatever it is you have in you out into the world is how you build your bliss. Check out my book and “Build a Better Year”!

13 Feb 2013

Love is in the air!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Everyone has love on the brain this week. Who are you loving this Valentine’s Day?

For many, V-Day is another holiday to wince and cringe at. No love life going on, therefore no loving going on. In my opinion this is one of the biggest traps of fear going.  As cliché as it may sound there is some very serious truth to that old adage “you got to love yourself first”. For those of you who struggle with this idea, here are some tips to get you thinking about love in a new way this February 14.

Love Yourself First Tips:

Let Go. Keep that voice in your head in check. Notice your internal dialogue and let negative thoughts go. Negative thoughts do not serve you. Notice them, and let them go. This is a life-long practice with love.

Offer it to yourself first. Practice small acts of love towards yourself everyday. Splurge on the avocado, make yourself a foot bath, snuggle with the cat.

Validate that you are loving. Notice the acts of love that you do perform every day. If they are hard to find, then I urge you to dig deeper into the tip above.

Enjoy the love of others. Notice when you are with people that seem to love easily. Spend more time with these people. Allow them to demonstrate to you the small ways that they are being loving. Model these things for yourself.

Love starts & ends with you. It is a circle that never ends. If you are stuck and feeling no love this Valentine’s Day, please take action with some of these tips. You are SO worth loving.

01 Feb 2013

Ready for a Fabulous February?

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FabulousFebruaryGive yourself a pat on the back, you made it through to the end of January!  What are you giving yourself credit for?  Did you do a little or a lot?  Did you have a plan for your New Year?  How is it working out?

A year, like anything has a life cycle.  I believe February is really the month that sets the tone for the rest of your year.  Stop and ask yourself some key questions about your New Year Intention, and check in with your progress in February.

Coach Yourself
What was your new year intention?  How are you living?  I am willing to bet that you did do a lot of great stuff to kick off your new year.  I encourage people to abandon hurling themselves into the year, and instead ease their way into the month of January.

Now, with the tone of LOVE at the centre of February, use these first days to get clear about where you are at so far.  Find five things to write down:

Here is an example from a client:

My intention for 2013 is to live a healthy lifestyle

-I am taking my water bottle to work everyday

-I shop around the outside of the grocery store first

-I gave up dairy for the month of January

-I have gone out walking with dog three days a week

-I went to one yoga class

February is the make or break month for habits to set in.  Whatever it is that you have been up to, remember it is new, it has only been five weeks since January 1. Likewise, it is only five weeks into a 52 week year.  My client could give up on going to yoga because she only went once in January, or she could decide she is going to shoot for three times in February.  She can choose to stay off dairy, or decide it isn’t really working for her and choose to eliminate something else for the next month.  She can give herself credit for packing a water bottle and walking her dog more often, and decide to stick to it.  She can feel proud for doing the grocery store challenge and keep it up.

That is really the key to intentional living.  You being willing to get clear about what you intend, and then gently checking back in on yourself at regular intervals.  Make a note of what is working, and give yourself credit and congratulations.  Decide to what you want to do more of and make more bench markers for the month ahead.

February is the month the really sets the tone for the year.  Decide you are going to take a moment to feel FABULOUS for what you have done so far in 2013 and recommit to your intention.

Have your year, your way.

03 Jan 2013

Ease your way into the New Year

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You did it! You made it through Christmas! Welcome to the other side! 2012 has arrived!

There is a lot of chatter going on right now about New Year’s Resolutions. Everything from resolving to spend more time with your kids, to shedding 40lbs, to saving your finances by buying an RRSP before the deadline! TV right now is all about buying fitness equipment and boxes of cleansing herbs and potions, and to do away with all our old habits.

 Yep, here we go, hurling ourselves into yet another year!

If you really want your new year to be about a new you, why not try something a little different this year? Decide that this year is actually going to be different because you are going to ease into the new year. What if this year, you started the year out by being kind? Kind to the person that means the most to you – yourself.

Generally I know that I am going to get better results if I treat myself with the utmost kindness. So, when thinking about the new year I am going to take time to truly reflect and get clear about what I want this next precious year of my life to be about.

Knowing exactly what I want on the stroke of midnight seems like a set up to me. I have been busy enjoying the fullness that is the month of DecemberI haven’t had the time to reflect on how my year has ended. That is what I think January is for. Time, space and quiet to reflect.

Hurling yourself into the new year with a list of terms and conditions that you are going to suddenly abide by sets you up for certain failure, let down and disappointment. All or nothing, cold turkey doesn’t usually work. That’s not to say that it CAN’T work, some people are really good goal setters and achievers. But, for the rest of us, all or nothing often doesn’t work.

Ease your way into 2012, by taking some time this month to consider your goals in the broader context of your life. Remember every year in December that feeling of “where has the year gone?!” Years go by quick. Think about your goals in the broader context of life and use that as a way to create intentions for the year ahead. Intentional living creates way more results then throwing sweeping declarations out that create expectations that end up setting us up to feel negatively about ourselves.

Intentional living gives you the guide to live by when the inevitable ups and down of life happen. You can decide how to measure your response to most things, and this helps you to be consistent. Consistency and commitment are key. Taking the time to get this part right is crucial in making your resolutions real this year.

Slow and steady does win the race!

If you would like to ease on down the road with me this 2012, I invite you join me at my Beyond Goals workshop on January 11If you are not in the Kelowna area I welcome your comments and thoughts, questions and challenges!  I am looking forward to constructing an amazing year with you. 

Thanks for reading!

01 Nov 2012

Instead of fueling the flames…

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instead of fueling the flames...Over and over I have people talk to me about how they are just going to tell someone how they feel, or how it really happened, or their side of the story.  How often have you gone into a situation thinking you are going to change someone’s mind? How often does it actually happen?  When you find yourself ranting about the next thing you need to set right, stop.  Breathe.  Now ask, ‘what then?’.

Believing that sending that email, marching into that office, or setting the record straight with that speech you’ve prepared will accomplish something, is setting an expectation that is unlikely to get met. Often when people make a move like those listed above it is because something has gone wrong, and the natural knee jerk reaction is to fix it.  Totally normal, but also filled with the potential to be create more damage.  Instead of fueling the flames of this common form of miscommunication, stop yourself and consider the following…

1.  What then?
If you take the natural knee jerk reaction do you think you will actually get the result you are looking for?  If you are expecting things like an apology, or a retraction you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment.  The truth is, you do not have the ability to change someone else’s thinking.  So if you often find yourself thinking… ‘I AM going to change their mind’, stop. You probably won’t.

2. What do you actually want?
Here’s where things get interesting.  When your automatic response is to fix whatever went ‘wrong’, what you are really wanting is to protect yourself – your image, your identity.  Think about this, ask yourself what you really want.  I am willing to bet it is something along the lines of wanting to be understood.  You want that person to understand your pain, hurt, shame, guilt whatever it is that has got you so fired up.

3. Are you going to get what you actually want?
This is the kicker.  Are you seriously going to get what you want from confronting the situation?  If you can answer yes, proceed. With caution. However I strongly encourage you to think about the reality of the situation and the likelihood of the desired outcome. Are you really going to change your father-in-law’s mind, make your boss understand, or have your teenager apologize and mean it?

Letting go of the idea that you have the power to change someone’s mind is a very liberating shift.  It means you no longer have to storm around setting everyone straight.  It is not your responsibility to change everyone’s mind when something doesn’t go well. When you make this shift in perspective you will suddenly find yourself free to focus on what really matters and what you really want out of your relationships.

I have helped many of my clients break their ‘gotta fix it’ habit. The peace they feel as a result, is an incredibly rewarding change.

Coach Yourself:
Instead of using the same old approach to challenging situations, stop and ask yourself the questions above.  Consider how you can get what you really want by listening and asking questions vs. assuming and lecturing. Your goal should be to create clarity and understanding.

The rule to remember here: Ask, don’t tell.