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28 Apr 2011

Need a Life Coach? Take the Quiz!

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Do You Settle?  YES NO
Are You Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop?  YES NO
Do You Hide Yourself From Other People?  YES NO
Do You Doubt Yourself?  YES NO
Do You Ever Allow Anyone To Really Get to Know You?  YES NO
Do You Do Things Because You Think You Have To, Need To, Or Should?  YES NO
Do You Have Trouble Trusting Yourself And Your Decisions?  YES NO
Do You Complain?  YES NO
Are You Unfulfilled In Any Area Of Your Life?  YES NO
Do You Say Yes When You Really Want To Say No?  YES NO
Do You Give Up On Yourself Before You Ever Try?  YES NO
Are You Always Putting Your Needs Last?  YES NO
Do You Have To Be In Charge?  YES NO
Do You Find Yourself Not Asking For Support When You Need It?  YES NO
Do You Compare Yourself To Anyone And Everyone?  YES NO
Are You Afraid to Love First?  YES NO
Do You Blame Your Parents For The Way You Turned Out?  YES NO
Do You Think Something Has To Change For You To Be Happy?  YES NO
Are You Holding It All Together Even Though You Feel As Though You’re Falling Apart?  YES NO
Do You Find Yourself Holding Back?  YES NO

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06 Mar 2010

Live your best life…say goodbye to fear

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Last week I left you with the assignment to start saying thank-you more often and to pay attention to the times when it was easier, when it was harder, or when you were deliberately not saying thank-you.

Withholding your inner most thoughts and feelings is a sure sign that fear is on patrol. Fear’s job is to keep you safe. One of the most effective ways fear accomplishes this is by keeping you stuck in your negative perceptions. Fear, or the voice of fear is really good at finding evidence to support its case, keeping you stuck. Read more