Life Coaching Sessions With Beth

Achieve Your Goals With a Personal Life Coach!

In ONLY 12 short weeks you can experience the fundamental principles of the Fearless Living Program!  In this three month program, you will discover how fear has been holding you back and move to your new state of living in your own personal definition of freedom!

You will also discover practical tools to propel you forward.  Take the time to master the new habits you are creating with the support and accountability!

In 8 Weeks, go beyond identifying your relationship with fear to discovering how to master it.  Discover your essential nature and how to consciously choose freedom over fear. Start experiencing states of mind that may have eluded you before and discover fulfillment that lasts.

In 4 weeks, uncover your relationship with fear, and discover how excuses and expectations might be secretly running your life.  Build awareness that will shift the way you see the world though identifying language and thoughts that are standing in the way building the life that you desire.

One trial session is always recommended to experience the change that can result in working with Beth.

There is no cost for your first 30 minute session!

Call or e-mail to book your first appointment today!


$85 per hour plus HST, or TBD

Negotiable depending on client status and location.