03 Jan 2013

Ease your way into the New Year

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You did it! You made it through Christmas! Welcome to the other side! 2012 has arrived!

There is a lot of chatter going on right now about New Year’s Resolutions. Everything from resolving to spend more time with your kids, to shedding 40lbs, to saving your finances by buying an RRSP before the deadline! TV right now is all about buying fitness equipment and boxes of cleansing herbs and potions, and to do away with all our old habits.

 Yep, here we go, hurling ourselves into yet another year!

If you really want your new year to be about a new you, why not try something a little different this year? Decide that this year is actually going to be different because you are going to ease into the new year. What if this year, you started the year out by being kind? Kind to the person that means the most to you – yourself.

Generally I know that I am going to get better results if I treat myself with the utmost kindness. So, when thinking about the new year I am going to take time to truly reflect and get clear about what I want this next precious year of my life to be about.

Knowing exactly what I want on the stroke of midnight seems like a set up to me. I have been busy enjoying the fullness that is the month of DecemberI haven’t had the time to reflect on how my year has ended. That is what I think January is for. Time, space and quiet to reflect.

Hurling yourself into the new year with a list of terms and conditions that you are going to suddenly abide by sets you up for certain failure, let down and disappointment. All or nothing, cold turkey doesn’t usually work. That’s not to say that it CAN’T work, some people are really good goal setters and achievers. But, for the rest of us, all or nothing often doesn’t work.

Ease your way into 2012, by taking some time this month to consider your goals in the broader context of your life. Remember every year in December that feeling of “where has the year gone?!” Years go by quick. Think about your goals in the broader context of life and use that as a way to create intentions for the year ahead. Intentional living creates way more results then throwing sweeping declarations out that create expectations that end up setting us up to feel negatively about ourselves.

Intentional living gives you the guide to live by when the inevitable ups and down of life happen. You can decide how to measure your response to most things, and this helps you to be consistent. Consistency and commitment are key. Taking the time to get this part right is crucial in making your resolutions real this year.

Slow and steady does win the race!

If you would like to ease on down the road with me this 2012, I invite you join me at my Beyond Goals workshop on January 11If you are not in the Kelowna area I welcome your comments and thoughts, questions and challenges!  I am looking forward to constructing an amazing year with you. 

Thanks for reading!

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