Live Fearlessly!

How Often Are YOU True To Yourself?

The code of ethics and guidelines I use are the principles behind Fearless Living.  It is designed to move you from surviving in your life to thriving.

Based on the premise that no one can be fearless alone, working with a certified and trained life coach will move your life in the direction that you want to go.  Along the way, Beth will encourage you to build a personal support system that will increase your capacity to take risks and move toward a life that you may have only imagined.

The Fearless Living Program, was founded by Rhonda Britten, bestselling author and Life Coach on the Emmy Award–winning daytime reality drama Starting Over, her Fearless Living principles have inspired countless individuals to embrace their human-potential.

The Fearless Living Institute trains Life Coaches to be at the top of the rapidly expanding Life Coach industry in this challenging and intensive 18 month training program.

Certified Fearless Living Coaches don’t just coach Fearless Living, they live it using the principles found in Rhonda’s best selling books:

  • “Fearless Living”, “Fearless Loving”
  • Change Your Life in 30 Days” and,
  • Do I Look Fat in This? Get over your body and on with your life”

There is no “right” time to begin living fearlessly. Wherever you are is the perfect place to start. Get ready to take a journey that will transform your life. Welcome to the world of Fearless Living.

–Ronda Britten

I encourage anyone who might be thinking about working with a Life Coach to pick up one of Rhonda’s books and just start reading.  The books alone are a powerful resource to get you motivated.  Working with myself as your Coach just amps it up!

Books are readily available on-line or if you happen to be in Kelowna, they are kept in stock at Mosaic Books.


Beth Veenkamp