How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life Coach Beth Veenkamp will help you reach your highest potential by giving you the support and mental strength you need to move forward in life.

You will start by identifying your relationship with fear, then you will look at how excuses and expectations keep you stuck and unsatisfied.

Once you have explored this, you will then identify what specific tools you need to move forward.  This will allow you to access your own personal freedom where you take risks, build confidence and develop strategies to rebuild your life.

Life Coach Beth:

  • Supports, empowers and holds you accountable
  • Tells the truth with compassion
  • Supports you in defining your vision, upholding your commitments and accessing your passion
  • Encourages and assists you in making your dreams come true
  • Is there for you to provide support while you transform your life


Life coaching is a collaborative process. The synergy of the coaching process allows you to achieve much more in a shorter period of time than you would alone.

Achievements Include:

  • increased self awareness
  • increased communication skills
  • more confidence and
  • willingness to show more of your true self everyday

The goal always is to support you in living an authentic life.

Empowerment and Support

You bring to your coaching sessions:

  • Your ability to make powerful choices
  • Your current awareness level with a commitment to learn more
  • Your commitment to take action
  • Your willingness to see yourself differently

Life coaching increases the self-awareness you need to allow you to create solution based strategies that empower you.

It is based on the premise that you’re whole and complete and within you lies all the answers, solutions and possibilities to life’s everyday challenges. You take full responsibility for your choices, attitudes and behaviors.

Life Coach Beth supports this process through:

  • Providing timely feedback
  • Offering different perspectives
  • Asking thought provoking questions
  • Pointing out potential traps of fear and ensuring accountability
  • Challenging you to further action
  • Celebrating your success

One of the keys to coaching is consistency. Beth meets with her clients regularly by phone several times a month.

It is a simple and very effective way to establish a constructive coaching relationship.