18 Oct 2012

In my next life, I’m going to be a Rock Star!

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This blog is from Beth. Just Beth.

Most of my blogs are from my Life Coach Beth voice.  I love to share tangible tips on how to live your best life.  I urge you to use powerful questions that get to the heart of whatever keeps you from letting your light shine.  I want you to be your best self and believe that everyone has something unique and amazing to contribute.  I believe for you, until you can believe it for yourself.  Writing my blogs has been a digging deep experience.  It is my one year anniversary of blogging.  Thanks for checking me out!  Your feedback and responses have been amazing.

Today as I sit to write, what’s really on my mind is the trip that I took a few weeks ago. It was to the JCI National Convention in Kimberly, and there I had the opportunity to remember the truth of who I am, and that truth is this…

In my next life, I’m going to be a Rock Star!

Far and wide, I would have to say that I am pretty much known as ‘Party Beth’.  I like to party!  And I am good at it!  I will admit, it can get pretty ridiculous at times, but the truth is my favourite place to be is party ring master.  I can sustain pretty heavy doses of toxic overload, and can survive on little sleep.  I have a very good tolerance, and although that is not the best way to treat my body, the truth is, if I could pick, I would rather die partying than any other way. I have had so many ‘Rock Star’ experiences in my life that I figure I must be in ‘training’ for my next magnificent life; the one where I am an actual Rock Star.

The thing is, I can also party completely sober and derive the same amount of JOY from it.  Because it’s the joy that is my goal!  I seek happiness, laughter, levity, companionship, friendship and joy, and I cannot think of a greater good then the pursuit of joy. At a wedding once, a fellow joy seeker came dancing up to me and yelled, “Look! How decadent, we are dancing!”.  I thought that was the best line I had ever heard.  How decadent indeed to fill yourself so full of the good stuff that you are actually dancing.

So, what brings you JOY? Partying and dancing do it for me, but many people don’t need or want to stand on tables and dance to experience joy; people roll in many different ways.  One of my greatest hopes is that everyone comes to realize and embrace the ‘Rock Star’ experiences that feed their soul, whatever they may be.

I had a completely JOY filled week at JCI Canada National Convention in Kimberly. I had several ‘Rock Star’ moments and experienced real JOY.  As usual I walked away wondering why JCI Canada does not have thousands and thousands of members like they do in Japan.  It is simply the best organization for 19-39 year olds in the world.  Check it out.

Here are some of my joy filled moments with some really great friends…

In our condo getting ready for Bavarian Theme night.

At the Gala Dinner last night of the Convention.

The three flights of stairs to get to the Condo where the JCI Okanagan crew stayed, were a big topic of conversation!









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