20 Jun 2012

Rain Rain, Go Away…

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Nothing will test my resolve to not complain like days upon days upon weeks of rain. I am a sunshine lover, so it has been a tough couple of weeks with little sun shining down in my back yard. The urge to complain is in high gear right now, but I am applying some strategies to turn it around and make the most of it.

Why do we talk about the weather so much? It is too hot, too cold, too windy, always too something. We talk about the weather because it is the quickest most obvious thing that connects us to others. We all experience the weather, and it is the easiest thing to bring up when standing in a grocery store line up, or when getting on the phone with a friend. We can all relate to it, and whether we have different opinions on how we like it, we can all understand the common experience shared by all.

In our world we have become reliant on complaining as a way to connect. For some people complaining is the easiest way to connect and start a conversation. Are you a complainer? Notice for the next week if you tend to start conversations by commiserating with others. What do you think it says about you when you start conversations off with a complaint? We might think that it means we’re funny, or have a healthy ability to use sarcasm. But when you think about it, it’s a false connection being made. What kind of connection is made when complaining? A negative one. Period. It might be funny, it may be true, it may feel justified but it is still connecting from a negative position rather than a positive one. How you show up in the world moves with you through all of your activities in the day. From water cooler conversations to bank lines, to getting up in the morning and looking out the window with your kids. How you show up in the moment when you want to complain says a lot about how you live your life, and what kinds of things you attract to you.

Turning a complaint around isn’t that hard. In my blog post “Develop the Gift of Gratitude” you can find a ton of tips on how to exercise the muscle of grace so that it’s stronger and the more active in how you show up in the world.

But Beth! It is true, it has been raining for WEEKS now!! How can you find anything positive to say about it? And everywhere I go people are bringing it up and complaining about it to me. Yes, that is all true, however, how do you want to show up in the world? How about responding with one of these:

Yes it is raining, but I have never seen the hillsides look so green!

Rain now hopefully means a smoke free  forest fire season.

The cool temperatures are going to make for an amazing Cherry crop!

My dog loves these cool temperatures.

All this rain means I have a great excuse not to mow the lawn.

The upside is that I have spent some recent Saturday’s watching a few movies I have been wanting to see.

You can decide to be the person who goes out into the world and transforms the complaints that come by with the commitment to dig deep and find the silver lining. You may think it is a Pollyanna “fake” way to be, but challenge that thought. What is the impression you leave after an encounter in that check out line? Do people feel better and have a sense of “shift” after being in your presence, or do you leave the yucky residue of complaining in your wake? Choose to uplift conversations and find real ways to connect. We are all so much more then the petty day to day complaints that can stifle the true joy and happiness that is there for us every day. Be an agent of change by paying attention to how you connect with others.

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