Client Testimonials

“I worked with Beth for approximately one year. She’s an extraordinary coach, – always full of energy and ready to help tackle any hurdle that was in between me and my success. Extremely action based, highly intelligent and always my biggest fan, I felt entirely supported and in good hands while working with her. I highly recommend Beth to anyone who’s looking to make profound changes in their life. Thank you Beth, you’re amazing at what you do!”

 – Andy Collins

“This woman is phenomenal. There is no question that she will help you find yourself and get motivated to conquer your life goals. Try just one session with Beth and you will see and feel the difference!”

Nadia Alterio
35 CEO of Smart Woman Marketing

“Beth has an uncanny talent of graciously but effectively steering you in the right direction. By actively listening, and picking up on subtle clues, she leaves her individual mark while at the same time, maintains your overall goals.

I wouldn’t want to think about how much more difficult life would have been over the past 3 years without the luxury of having Beth right there with me behind the scenes. I encourage anyone to tap into this woman’s guidance and imagine where her assistance will take you.”

– Lynn 39, Investment Adviser

“When I first started working with Beth I was overwhelmed with my life and didn’t know where to start. Beth helped me to identify what I needed to change and helped me to break it down into manageable steps.

Beth is extremely patient, she is compassionate and flexible. She makes her self available via e-mail and I can expect a thoughtful timely response. She gently encourages me to move forward, offering helpful practical suggestions yet never pushes me beyond what I can handle.

I always end a session with Beth having learned something about myself and with new skills to move myself forward. Things that seemed impossible when I first started working with Beth are now everyday occurrences that I don’t think twice about.

Beth reminds me that it is me doing the work and no one else. I couldn’t do it without her assistance. I am grateful to Beth for all her help and support in moving my life forward.”

Marianne, 32 Occupational Therapist

“Under the supportive and encouraging guidance of Beth, the Fearless Living program has enabled me to realize my full potential and join the wonderful, fulfilling adventure that life is meant to be.”

Michelle 16, Student

“As a Coach… she’s amazing. Beth possesses wisdom beyond her years and an inherent sense of integrity, honesty and gratitude. Somehow…intuitively perhaps, she was able to sift through my thoughts and articulate what I didn’t even know how to formulate with words.

Beth is smart, engaging and funny, as kind as she is generous, highly skilled, an excellent listener and deeply committed to helping others eliminate fear and reach their true potential.”

– Donna, 54, Business Owner

“Beth is a complete inspiration to me. Her compassion and willingness to listen has always helped me find a place of clarity whenever I have felt overwhelmed and challenged by the many stresses that life can bring. Without her support and insights I would not be where I am today. She is wonderful and anyone would be blessed to work with her.”

– Anne, 26, Writer

“I needed a change in my life and I was stuck. I knew I needed to do something different and that is when Beth agreed to coach me. I spent 12 weeks reading chapters of the “Fearless Living” Book and completing homework. Each week Beth put wisdom to my homework and helped me identify areas in my life where I was using fear to live my life.

Beth Veenkamp is an awesome life coach, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable in helping you break through your barriers. Ultimately, I feel more freedom in my life and have the tools to not allow fear run my life. Thank you Beth for showing me that life can be lived with freedom and not run by fear.”

– Jim, 34, Physician