15 Jun 2013

Trust Your Instincts – Post Script

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They caught the man later that afternoon. The grandson of Ann, my neighbor, came over and got a description from me and called around town to all the pawnshops. He asked if they had a man in trying to pawn a chainsaw. One shop said yes, so he left his number and asked the pawnshop to call if he got anyone in trying to pawn some jewelry. He also left a description of some of the pieces. Sure enough within hours the man sent his girlfriend in to pawn some rings. The pawnshop called the grandson who sent in his sister to look at the rings. She identified them when she went in, so the pawnshop held the man’s girlfriend in the store and called the police. The grandson stayed outside and told the man that he just wanted the sentimental pieces back like his grandpa’s medals, and that he would drop it and not call the police.  The man confessed on the spot and told him where he lived.  When the police got there it was done. The police came back to Ann’s house with some of the jewelry to be identified, and got a statement with a description from me. The man was arrested.

Gross. The whole thing is gross. I think the incident was just part of a desperate and random act by someone who is in a whole lot of pain and now just a whole lot more trouble. I really don’t want to be a contributor to more pain for anyone – if I hadn’t have reported it he might have gotten away with it.

But, in this case, my greater obligation is to my neighbor.  Fundamentally, I believe that we all need to have each other’s backs.  Imagine if we all worked on taking care of each other more; what a wonderful world it could be.  This knowing will serve as my guide as I process these events. It feels yucky to be near this. I want to have a shower. But steady and strong, I trust that as neighbors, as a community, as individuals, we need to look out for each other. You can trust that.

All is well that ends well.

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