04 Apr 2011

Feeling Stuck? Start Here

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Feeling Stuck? Use this word, and change your life.

On that historic day, November 4, 2008, we witnessed President-elect Obama, give one of the greatest leadership speeches of our lifetime.  In that speech, we heard about the power of YES. “Yes we can”.  Obama tells us that yes we can “have a world of opportunity and possibility” and that, “there has never been anything false about hope.”  In order for us to capitalize on hope, there must be action. Saying Yes is one way of creating more action.  As a life coach, I encourage people to take action by uncovering the fears that keep them stuck and unable to move forward…and say yes.  If you want to discover what it is that is holding you back, start with this simple exercise. 

For the next week, pay attention to the times you say Yes in your daily life.  Are you saying Yes more than you are saying No?  In what areas of your life are you saying Yes more often? Is saying Yes easy for you, or are you the type who really needs to think for awhile before committing?  Conversely, maybe you will discover that Yes comes freely, often flying out of your mouth, only to regret it much later. 

 When you start paying attention to how and when you say Yes, you get to see fear in action in your life.  Fear is that insidious little voice inside us that sneaks up at the worst of times.  I see Fear, or our voice of fear, as that voice within that often times makes decisions for us.  Fear tells us, don’t do that, don’t say that, and especially, don’t go there.  Its job is to protect us from seeing ourselves as stupid, incompetent, silly, lazy or selfish.  Fear has its triggers – we all have fear triggers.

Take this assignment for one week. By being mindful of when you say Yes, you will gain some great insight into how many risks you are taking.  Risks are the things that propel us forward in life.  Speaking up at a meeting, raising your hand to volunteer for a project, asking for a hug instead of waiting for one, or asking for feedback from your boss are examples of risks that can move you forward in life.  Fear tries to stop us from taking risks, wanting instead to protect us from feeling exposed, unworthy, rejected, or invisible.

Saying Yes is like sticking your hand up and getting picked to travel on the fast track of life. It implies that you are willing to take some sort of action. Action helps to create the momentum that moves life forward.

 In what areas of your life do you want to move forward?  Select an area that you want to take action. Is it a health goal, a new job, taking that long dreamed of vacation, or asking someone on a date? For the next week, pay attention to how often you say Yes in relation to your goal.

 Commit to noticing how and when you say Yes in your daily life.  Then, start saying Yes more often.  You’ll be amazed. Opportunities show up, and possibilities are revealed – Just start saying yes.

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